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Dr. D Ivan Young, has truly been instrumental in helping me re-align my focus and deal with the meat of things. Before, I guess I was merely dealing with surface matters. Now because of his guidance and truth, I am now on target to bringing some amazing things into fruition in my life. If you want help and someone to tell you the truth so you can have success and live your best life. I would recommend you call him. But, if you are not ready for truth or to do the work, please wait until you are truly ready for results. Because that is what he delivers.

Sonyia Graham

Dr. Young has profoundly touched my life His expertise, guidance, and empathic soul propelled the acknowledgment of my true potential. Without his help, my children and myself, would have never healed or thrived from one of the hardest life changes a young family could experience. Dr. Young is kind, honest, and has such a broad, spiritually charged view of life's inner workings. He fuels your life with purpose and unleashes your potential.

M. Alm

Dr. Young, is someone I highly recommend as a Life Coach Dr. Young is honest, a man of integrity, and uses wisdom when speaking with his clients. He has made a huge impact on my life,by assisting with refocusing my attention on things that matter for my personal and professional growth. If you need truthful answers regarding your life, Dr. Young is someone I recommend reaching out to.

Ema Coleman

When I first began seeing Dr. Young I was lost, and confused with little direction in my life. Since seeking guidance from Dr. Young I’ve been able to create a vision for my future and gain clarity in my life. I know what I desire for myself; I’m motivated disciplined and excited about what the future holds.

Chris Corley

Rate-A-Biz Reviews

Dr. D is a Miracle Worker I'm not one to write a review and I don't like putting my business in the street, but, this is one time that I can't help but give somebody the credit they deserve. Dr. D basically saved my life. If it were not for this guy there's no telling where my life would be right now. I was referred to him by a coworker after she told me how he helped her get her career back on track and helped her get out of 15 year dysfunctional marriage. Long story short I was sick and tired of my job, my husband and even out of control teenage kids. To be honest I was two inches from just quitting my job, leaving my marriage and telling my kids I'm done. Everything and everybody was getting on my last damn nerve and driving me nuts. Beyond that I sure wasn't ready to spend a couple of thousand dollars on shrink. But, this is the best investment I've ever made.

Carmen D.

Extremely professional and highly qualified level of service I am spiritually nourished at my church home but after of a series of hits one after another after my divorce, the final blow was the loss of my father. Losing him just after my 40th birthday was just too much to bear. I was aligned and blessed to meet Dr. D Ivan Young. He put into perspective why I was having to endure so much and that I was being "carried" through it all.

Shirley. J.