How to Utilize Setbacks, Betrayals and Obstacles

A message from me to you. Stop being so focused on the end goal that you miss the point of the journey. Everything you’re experiencing in this season, including the moments that you don’t particularly like, is indispensable and instrumental. Each and every person, situation and set of circumstances you encounter are merely building blocks. These building blocks are needed.
Setbacks, betrayals, and obstacles are part of your process. Everything that is taking place in and around your life right now is happening for a reason. This includes the delays, the disappointments, the betrayals and obstacles that you believe to be your setbacks. Each and every one of them is divinely orchestrated with one purpose. That purpose is to redirect your energy while moving you toward the ultimate goal.

When it comes to setbacks, betrayals, and obstacles, the sum is no greater than any individual part. What you think is a setback is really divine intervention modifying your schedule. The betrayal you’re experiencing reveals who and what could have deceived you. As for the obstacle and delay, that’s your higher power preventing you from getting ahead of yourself and what ultimately will be bestowed upon you. If any ONE of those setbacks, betrayals, and obstacles were eliminated from your life, the process would be hindered. Now, as I’ve said before, the real issue is that you don’t fully trust God yet. Until you do, He is NOT going to allow you to take another step. And you will only be able to see betrayals and obstacles as such, ignoring the process. Fact – the disappointments you’re experiencing right now is the higher power preventing you from being disillusioned later.
From here forward you’ve got two choices – do it His way or continue doing it your way. Both come with their own setbacks, betrayals, and obstacles.

Consider this. Is your faith what you can see, or is it in what God is attempting to show you?
Know this. Without faith, it’s impossible to please God. You must accept that God’s Ways are Not our Ways. Have faith and understand that setbacks, betrayals, and obstacles are experienced for a reason and are a part of the process. There is a much bigger picture on the horizon.

If you need help understanding what to do next, that’s understandable. If you need help making sense of what’s going on, that’s reasonable. All you have to do is ask God to show you what’s up. Then ask Him to order your steps.
Fact – If you stop trying to figure out things that you can’t comprehend, controlling what you can control, God will immediately intercede on your behalf and show you what’s is going on and why setbacks, betrayals, and obstacles are happening in the first place.

God wants you to seek His counsel. He wants you to become wise. So, try this. Ask the Him to show you – YOU. Ask Him to speak to you in your dreams or in your circumstances. Ask Your Creator clarification about what is He trying to teach you in this present moment. See why the setbacks, betrayals, and obstacles are all part of the process.
Dear one, I am convinced of this very thing – He who began the good work in you shall perfect it, provided you remain focused and faithful.

Remember this… the issue is NOT you being able to count on God, the real question is – Can He count on you? God is faithful to His word, now try being faithful to yours. Accept the process instead of avoiding it or resenting it. Accept all the setbacks, betrayals, and obstacles that come with it.

From God to you, through me, Dr. D Ivan Young. I love you. Please pray for his favor over me, as I’m praying for you. Have an awesome day!

I love you madly, most sincerely I do…