How to Ask for Forgiveness

Ask for Forgiveness

Sometimes words and actions can result in irreconcilable differences. But sometimes, when there is genuine remorse, mistakes can be forgiven. Here are some suggestions for when you want to ask for forgiveness. Ask for Forgiveness

Some people put a true love at risk for fleeting affairs and stupid lies. From infidelity to irreverence, deception to indifference hypocrisy to egotism, when it comes to sustaining love, we can be our own worst enemy. Making incompetent clownish mistakes is one thing, but it is hard to come back from actions that have destroyed the trust in your relationship. So, when you have devastated someone whom you love, you need to repair the relationship, make your partner see that you are extremely remorseful and aware that your actions have consequences before you ask for forgiveness.

Put yourself in the other person’s shows.

Admit what you have done and then admit the truth to the person you have hurt. Sympathize with the person you have betrayed or hurt. Tell them how difficult it would be to forgive if you were them. Show him/her that you ashamed of your actions and understand that granting forgiveness will be difficult. Communicate in the way that the person you hurt prefers, respect their boundaries and if you can’t meet face-to-face, try a phone conversation or even an email. Sometimes it takes time before your loved one even wants to communicate with you again. Give her/him time, if it is needed before you officially ask for forgiveness.

Be honest.

Come clean and be honest about everything. To be forgiven, you have to admit what you have done wrong. The healing begins with the painful truth and sincere efforts. This may be your last chance to show someone you love them and do not want to hurt them. Use this time to better yourself and do not repeat the same mistakes. Real love is transparent. If you want to keep secrets from someone, you are not ready to be in an open, honest and loving relationship with that person. If you have to hide text messages, emails or phone calls, consider why you feel you have to live a secret life and why you would even want to ask for forgiveness.

Be that which you seek.

Mature love isn’t about what you get, it’s about what you are willing to give. It takes time to develop a meaningful relationship with anyone. If you desire commitment, that begins with being committed. Don’t take those you love for granted because real love is a rare find. Get to know your partners love language and speak it on a consistent basis. Verbalize and demonstrate your appreciation. Show that you are worthy of asking for forgiveness.

If you are trying to ask for forgiveness, try to fix things before it is too late. But remember to be sincere, understanding and patience. Love comes with no guarantees. It is truly what you make it.