Real Love Happens When You Least Expect It

Real Love

It seems like just another ordinary day, then suddenly your world is transformed, your priorities shift, your heart flutters and you can’t stop smiling. At first, you are not sure why and then it hits you like a rainstorm…and you are in love. Real Love

Like they say, love happens when you least expect it. If it weren’t for the fact that the greatest desire of all humanity is to love, to be loved and to experience real love, all of us would be annoyed at the way real love enters our lives. It is not something you plan for, nor is it something you can simply make happen.

All people desire real love. We all desire happiness and the euphoric feeling that comes from being connected to that special someone through a unique bond. But, real love must come naturally. You can force it and you can’t buy it. You can’t make a heart feel something it doesn’t. And love comes from within, though you can show someone through your actions, love radiates from within you. Real love shouldn’t have to be proven or won, it is a mutual attraction that grows through the respect and admiration of each other.

When you decide to enter a long-term commitment with another, take the time to get to know them first. Don’t confuse real love with infatuation and lust. Marriage and children will create a special bond between you and your partner that doesn’t quickly vanish, even if you would like it to. How do you know you are really in love and that person is your ideal match? Ask questions, meet friends and family, spend time in a spiritual setting and spend time traveling together.

Real love is natural and organic. Though you may have met on a dating site 15 minutes after you signed up, falling in love takes time as it is a process of face-to-face encounters, shared expressions and intimate moments. Stop settling or thinking you can change someone or rescue them. Real love is not about molding someone to your ideal mate, it is about sharing yourself with someone and accepting the person they are. Love has no pride and often without warning people to find themselves at the mercy of love, where your love’s faults become whimsical acts and the very thought of that person fills your body with warmth.

But, how do you keep from self-sabotaging your relationship? How do you avoid the mistakes of the past? How do avoid taking your love for granted? How do you show your partner you love them each day?


  • Respect Love – Love deserves and demands respect. Don’t waste time on grudges or jealousy, focus, give love its due.
  • Don’t Tempt Fate – Don’t try to be something you are not; your love will accept you as you are. Honesty is the best gift you can give your partner.
  • Be Humble – Love is a treasure unlike any other, cherish it by repaying the world with kindness.

Remember, real love, happens when you least expect it, so be prepared.